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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I navigate the site to make a purchase?


    All shopping is done from the "Shop" page.  simply click on "shop" and you     will find all available designs and additional products to complete your       purchase.  You will need to continue to go back to "shop" each time you add     an item to your cart. 

How long does it take to ship? 

     Purchasing a design with no additions aside from adhering to a jacket  will take 5 business days to complete and ship.  Purchasing a design with added embellishments ships within 7-10  business days depending on complexity of the requests. Full Custom requests take 3 weeks to complete from the time of our  consultation.  


Can I send in my own jacket?

        Absolutely!  The charge for mailing in your own jacket is $10.  Most materials are fine to use, as long as it is sturdy enough for  the patch to adhere to.  


How often do you restock your site?  

    Website restocks happen once a month, in between market pop ups. 

How often do you attend Markets or pop-ups?  

    We will attend at least one market per month and the dates will be posted       on our Ig.

Can I choose where I want my add-ons placed?

     Yes, simply add in the notes the placement you want your extra patches.        If it is not something we can do, we will let you know. 

  I want to send in my own jacket, where do I mail it?

     Makuahine Vintage

     87-726 Hakimo Rd. 

     Waianae, Hi 96792

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