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About Us

Meaningful. Custom. Clothing that matter.

 Makuahine Vintage was established in 2020 by a local Mama,  A storyteller with a needle and thread; sewing your story and bringing it to life with fabric and patterns inspired by the uniqueness of our culture and the history of our people.  We are successors of Monarchs, composers, storytellers, warriors, fisherman, farmers, healers, and mothers who continue to pass down the mo'olelo of our ancestors.  At Makuahine Vintage we work with our clients in creating custom one of a kind denim and camouflaged jackets that tell their stories.  

Hele Mai!  We welcome you to reflect on your mo'olelo and let  your imagination run wild. Our variety of vintage and modern fabrics made into wearable, meaningful art will be a piece treasured for generations.  

Na'u No, 

The Alipio Ohana

(da artist, da fabric cutter, da package sealer, & da post office runner!)

Alipio ohana_edited.jpg
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